2 Reasons to Heart Chocolate

I’ve always enjoyed chocolate, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, milk chocolate because it’s sweet as it should be — creamy, yummy, and perfect…Yassss.  Taking a bite of that special milk chocolate like www.butlerschocolates.com is just a mind-melting experience.  Anyway, the best in my opinion most classic candy comes in milk chocolate period.  One of the first things I look for in chocolate is the appearance.  If there’s a smooth high sheen then the chocolate is fresh. On the other hand if the the chocolate is greyish/white the chocolate has bloomed and is stale.  2.Good Chocolate will have a good a break or clean snap and lastly the Aroma of milk chocolate has a milky vanilla smell and is ohhh so good like http://www.butlerschocolates.com/
And while no proof exists that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, it does contain the chemical phenylethylamine which is a mild mood elevator that our brain produces when we feel happy or in love.

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