Model Folasade is covered in art from Nigerian artist Laolu at AFROPUNK in Brooklyn, New York. Samantha Ramirez-Herrera

I’ve beem following Afropunk for the past 4 or 5 years which started in Brooklyn, New York with a stage and a skateboard park has become an elevating retreat proclaiming hued enlightenedment and a variety of Black music.  It’s no surprise that whenever we get together and choose to evolve by embracing our global world from England to South Africa, we see that change is constant from the music to the artists and the food. has an expression that creates and cultivates a unique, bold and unafraid statement about Black culture. Having said that 2017 has brought about a disturbed and distinctive era of hate speech versus free speech.  Rallies over maintaining Confederate statues and White Nationalism symbols of hate and oppression have sparked perople being hurt and even killed.  While the world stood in shock their is a sitting president that said absolutely nothing, if fact he said both sides were to blame.  Having said that said self-expression and promotion of Black culture creates an advantage and and an opportunity to promote and inform people about Black history and the radical beauty of expressing Blackness.  Artists use earth friendly hand painted notes reading “F

White Nationalism to designers like Peter Gaona of using materials that teaches African-American history, fashion and resistance.

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