DIY Bath Rub

Here is a good try at-home technique to purge away environmental toxins from your skin.  Try this dry body brushing with big results.  How it works: Basically, your massaging your body either with your hands or with a natural body brush (not synthetic).  To stimulate the skin’s lymphatic system, begin rubbing or brushing by starting at your feet and moving upwards towards your heart. Once you have covered the whole body, shower.  This acts as a detox and eliminating toxins from the body and is also thought to get rid of negative and self-defeating thoughts.  It’s apart of selfcare and discovering what works for you.  Stay focused be easy with yourself, it’s o.k to walk with yourself.

Here’s a Pink salt scrub I use:  Start by mixing 1 cup of pink salt and ½ cup of virgin coconut oil in a bowl add several drops of lavender, several drops of lemon oil, mix well.  Use this fresh-smelling scrub for a clean and calm bath or shower.

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