Hosting Your Own Trunk~Boutique Party

Does your handmade line include clothing, or accessories such as jewelry, purses, shoes, belts, scarves, or even bridal wear needing more exposure?  Consider putting on a trunk show~boutique party to increase your sales and get more exposure. Hosting your own trunk~boutique party is a lot a fun because it’s an event where you make a personal appearance at a specific location such as your home, your bestie’s home, local boutique, or gallery.  From a few hours to one day or even up to three days if you so choose.  You meet and schmooze with customers who attend, selling merchandise from your line.  Even if you don’t have a line of wearables or accessories, consider making a “meet the artist” such as an appearance with a photographer, chef, social media mogul, event planner, wedding planner and list goes on.  Here are three next steps to get started.

1) Publicize, publicize, publicize.

2) Serving beverages, wine and cheese or other finger food can make a more festive atmosphere. Create an environment which is very relaxing to guests and invites shopping.

3) making your trunk show~boutique more meaningful? Tie it in with a charity to attract more publicity, and make a contribution to a worthy cause.  People feel good knowing your giving back to a worthy cause and be sure to include this in your press release.

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