Summer Hills


Taking time to get a great pair of shoes! Here is how I do my shoes.  They have to transform my body language and attitude.     

Ladies make sure you are wearing the right shoes size .
Over the years my foot size has changed and so will yours from a size 8 to an 8 1/2- even a 9 in some shoes….Wowzer, I kept wondering why my feet were hurting and it wasn’t until I had my feet re-sized last year, that I came to terms that my feet had “grown” so to speak, so definitely find out your correct shoe size before you buy, otherwise you’ll be taking them back for a larger size, so save yourself time and aggravation ladies (and gents).  Let’s talk about one #rockithaute denim dress that has street style, pizzazz and is super cute.  This little number is easy, breezy and has a million different ways to #rockithaute, this denim mainstay should be in every woman’s wardrobe.  Let’s start by highlighting the versatility of the denim dress with a statement necklace and a really pair of great hills…BAM.

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